Spring 2017

Registration forms for the Spring 2017 sessions are now available! Classes at KCAA Mother Rice and KCAA Wai-Kahala are only open to students at those schools. Everyone is welcome at Miss Karen's Studio!

The Spring 2017 semester starts January 19th and runs until May 10th. Tuition for the Spring 2016 semester is $185, and there will be 14 classes. Classes at Mother Rice are Monday mornings, and classes at Wai-Kahala are Thursday mornings. Classes at Miss Karen's Studio are on Wednesday mornings. Please see the calendar page for more details.

Registration for all classes is ongoing, and pro-rated tuition rates are available for students who join us after the start of the semester.

Download the registration forms here:
KCAA Mother Rice
KCAA Wai-Kahala
Miss Karen's Home Studio